Summer Camp Program


Classes will be 2 week and belt testing once a month, this will ensure that kids are progressing through the summer.

Paddle Boating/Canoeing

Paddle Boating and canoeing are one of the favorite pass times for the kids. they will participate every weds or Thursday..depending on weather.(extra fee)


Hiking and fishing is another summer activities that the kids love to enjoy.  We will travel to different water areas and hike through the paths to get to some great fishing spots.  If luck isn't on our side then its hiking to enjoy the natural outdoors.


Carowinds is something that will be used on special occasions. the water park and rides are just one way to enjoy a summer afternoon. Your child is required to have a season pass for the summer.


We know how hot the Carolina's can get, so swimming is a weekly thing here at CarolinaTKD. We always swim at locations where there are certified life guards on duty and make any child that needs a life vest to wear or bring one per parent request.

Movies/Roller skating

On those hot Carolina days we will keep them indoors but still be active in some old fashion roller skating and movies and popcorn. (extra fee)