Kickboxing Program


               Kickboxing is one of the best way to improve your stamina, agility and coordination. This class is focused on full body workout, burning plenty of calories while having lot of fun. Your core is put to the test, as tension in the abdominals is required when performing punches or kicks, which in turn develops better posture and increased balance. The sheer amount of these movements has numerous benefits, ranging from increased flexibility to growths in strength endurance. As a result, it may help to combat the loss of agility either due to inactivity or ageing. 

              One of the chief instructor will guide class members through stages such as stretching and working the punch bag. The ability to react quickly to him and situations will enable you to rapidly improve coordination and reflexes, leaving you feeling sharper than ever. Women, men and teenagers participate in a powerful cardio workout in a fun and relaxed environment.


 Mon & Wed, 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.